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This is a story which was told to me verbally many years ago:

One afternoon, many years ago, before your granmother was born, a rich man of high society, who owned a lot lot of land, was travelling on a dirt road, in the middle of the countryside, when he spotted a man. He lifted him like a good person, and they started talking. The rich man found out the other one was poor and had a large family to feed.

At one point of the trip, the rich man had to take out his wallet to pay something. He saw the poor man look at it greedily, and he began to suspect thatthe poor man might try to rob him, but he knew in the middle of nowhere, no one could help him.

Time went on, and the poor man kept on talking. Then, at last, the rich man started talking, and at last took his wallet out of his pocket, and gave the poor man some money. The poor man accepted it, and there was silence for a long time. Then he spoke:

“You know, I was going to rob you, but now I wont. You’re very generous and you’ve touched me.” The two men then parted as friends and never saw wach other again.

The rich man was my great-granduncle. It was his kindness that saved him, and not caring if he was going to be robbed or not. I like this story because it tells you that you have to be kind and generous to everyone, and then you’ll be rewarded. I also like this story beacuse it has a family member in it, and I might (hope) to have some genes like him.


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