Nothing lasts for ever

9 June 2007 at 5:30 pm Leave a comment

Diamonds seem the strongest things in the world. They aren’t. Someone, sometime, somewhere, somehow, invented a machine that can melt a sheet of diamond into a simple puddle of water. It’s amazing, and ubelievable, but then, everything’s possible.

The point is, don’t relly too much on material things. Think of the internal, of what really matters. The material gets distroyed, it gets lost, it gets waisted. But if you think carefully, other things get lost, get waisted. Other things that are not material. Love, hapiness, hope, for example. They don’t last for ever, and still they are one of the most beautiful things.

So what’s the point in living? Good question. Generations of philosophers have been trying to answer this question and still no one has been able to. I’ve got my own theory. I think we’re here to make time between when Jesus came and when he will come back. Other, less religious people, will think that then life is useless, and even more people will tell me that it’s a stupidity. But I tell you one thing: that’s WHY we’re here, but no one said anything about what we CAN do.

We CAN make this world a better place. We must thank the bad and the greedy because they  create a world we can make better. That’s what I want to do. But I don’t know where to start… oh well… someday, somehow, somewhere I’ll find that answer. Until then, I’ll look for it and I’ll lead a good life.


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Many ways of love

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