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Ever found a place that’s so peaceful, so tranquil that you could stay there for ever, forget all the wars and troubles of this world and live there happily ever after? Have you ever found anything similar to what I have just described? Was it for just a moment or is it for your whole life?

It’s hard to find that special place. I’ve done it, but many don’t find it in their whole lives, even though they search an eternity. I believe the secret is to search, but by trying new things now and then, and not by travelling and doing all the time something, or keeping to a routine. Eventually, peace will come to you, be it for a moment, or better still, for eternity.

I’ve found peace in a rather unexpected place and time. I was in a terrible mood, in my Grandmother’s countryside. I saw the west, at around 6pm, and walked towards it. I was stopped by a fence, but I stood there, looking at the most beautiful sight; the sun setting beautifully in the west. The colouds coloured, my heart was lifted up to heaven, I felt young and refreshed, all my troubles were washed away. It was unique, it was wonderful. I still hold that image in my mind, of the sun setting. 

That moment was the moment I found, for the first time in my life, real peace. And I hold that moment in my heart at all time. It helps me go on when I’m stuck, it lifts me when I’m own, it makes me smile when I’ve cried, it lifts my heart to heaven, and it gives me hope when all’s lost. I still go to the countryside to refersh that image every now and then, and I’ve promised myself that plot of land is going to be mine. So I can go every sunset, for it’s the most beautiful thing of all.

We should all have something like that to give us joy when we are sad, to lift us up when we’re down, to give us a smile when we’ve cried, to lift our hearts to heaven, and to give us hope when all’s lost. 


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