Parents treat their children equally?!

10 June 2007 at 10:34 pm Leave a comment

Parents treat their children equally? How many children would agree to that frase? None, if you’re lucky. Nevertheless, parents insist they treat all their children equally. From elder to younger? Yes. But there’s a great difference between them.

All the responsibility falls on the eldest. They are the first asked to decide, the first the babies are thrusted upon, the first to be scolded, the first to be asked when a doubt arises. And the responability! It’s horror! I try to run away from it, but it follows me. I don’t have anyone to ask for help, I don’t have anyone to tell all my troubles. I don’t like bothering my friends, my sister doesn’t care, I don’t trust my parents, my grandmother will just give me useless advice, my nanny isn’t a good shoulder to cry on, and the boy I like doesn’t care. (why would he, if he barely remembers my name)

Then there’s always a favourite of the father, or mother. In this case Candelaria. She’s allowed to do as she pleases. She’s too young now, but I can imagine her in a few years. And it’s so much more than they would’ve let me. It’s always the same, he spoils her, the whole world spoils her (I know because I spoil her too), and then she knows she can, and will get everything.

So one then is suprised when the eldest decides to leave home as soon as she (or he) can, in my case it’s going to be 18, but some may run away sooner. I know I’m never going to do that because I’m too scared, and I don’t think it’s worth it. Poor people do that. But every day brings me a bit closer to liberty, to being far away from home, to eating,wearing, doing and thinking what I want. And every day something in my mouth smells sweeter and better. That’s liberty.


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