Who wins in the end?

10 June 2007 at 9:27 pm 1 comment

Mean Girls and so many other teenage movies are always the same: unpopular girl falls in love with the most popular boy, and the popular girl is after the popular boy. Everything ends perfectly well for the upopular girl, and evertrhing ends badly for the popular girl. 

In real life, things are different. First thing of all, the upopular girl is very ugly (NOT like the popular one), the popular girl ends with the  cute boy. Everyone knows that… but girls like dreaming in that cute and popular boy, so they make more and more films of the kind.

So then what? Do the popular girls always win? Do we, the losers end up last all the time and our life has to be complete misery? Of couse not. There’ll always be someone for you. There’s always the other half orange, waiting to be discovered. Just sometimes it never is.

Do we end friendless in this world, alone and unwanted? No. We might end this world without our other half of the orange, but it’s impossible to end friendless. There’s not just one possible fit, but there are millions. We just have to make an effort to communicate and to get to know each other, and then everything’s fine. Just some people can’t see that.

I agree the popular girls will never be alone in the world. They’ll always have fifty girls around them, and a thousand men. But I don’t want that, I don’t need that. There’s NO WAY I’ll ever end up being a plastic.


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  • 1. lorah  |  22 June 2007 at 9:38 am

    hiyyyyah lol


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