11 June 2007 at 10:08 pm

Marriage is the most wonderful thing of all, to be untied with someone you love deeply for life, to raise kids and to die by their side? Is it really so? Of course not. Everyone knows that’s just a view for five-year-olds or dreamers. We all know real life is much different: most couples end up divorced, for some reason or other, and their love ends almost instantly. And on top of everything else, they go and marry again.

It all starts happily, with a vow to living with each other for ever and ever, then continues with their first children, then it all starts getting worse with finantial problems, how to raise kids, that love is fading.

What is to happen but a divorce? Something both parents think is better for their kids and overall lives. But then they find it hard coping with sleeping alone in the bed, they find it difficult sharing kids, they find annoying all the legals things, they find it complicated coping with unhappy children. So what do they do? They look for another partner, be it a blonde woman twenty years younger, or be it a cute, sweet guy. And they’ll try again.

The children will also be very unhappy. It’s the most difficult part of all divorces. I’m not sayiyng it because I experienced it; my parents are still in the child-making section of it all. No. I’ve got the account from my friend who experienced it rather reacently.

Unhappy marriages isn’t something new. It’s been something occuring from the beginning of time, but divorce, for common use, is something rather new, so they have at last found a solution to their unhappiness. But I ask: What kind of solution is that of a bussy life from realationship to realationship? It’s just a vicious cycle, going on and on aimlessly.


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