Destiny is a strange thing.

13 June 2007 at 9:20 pm 2 comments

Destiny always has its way. When one thing is supposed to happen, it will happen, and when destiny refuses it, it doesn’t happen. Sometimes you’re expecting or wishing for something to happen, but sometimes it happens just because.

Today, I lost 25 cents on the bus. I was sad, becausem it meant I had lost a PRECIOUS coin, but I forgot all about it and started my day as normal. When I was going home, the same type of coin (silver, as the one I’d lost) came out of the machine, and it wasn’t one of mine. It had come out because someone had inserted 25 cents more than they should’ve. And it came back to me. It’s like (actually, not like, IT IS) a mistery.

But destiny can also be cruel. It can hurt you deeply if it wants to, or it can leave you hanging in suspence. Destiny isn’t a toy; you’re destiny’s toy.

HE might not be able to come to the cinema, because he has other plans. And if he doesn’t come, then it’s pointless that I go, because I’m only going because of him… otherwise I’d really be in the way.

Destiny, when in a good mood, can be kind and thoughtful. Lets hope destiny, this unchanging woman, will be able to decide herself soon.


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June 11 The other face of love.

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  • 1. lety  |  22 June 2007 at 5:36 am

    i wish i found a quarter XD
    i just find dollars =(
    coins are lucky XD
    just wait love has its ways
    that is a good poem read if you have time XD

    No Barriers

    I’ve wonder if there could ever be a passionate interest, so deep that it could brake the barriers of time…A place with no past, no present, no future…No limits…An everlasting feeling which no other could dream of. I’ve always thought of this tender of affection as a unic sensation that would only come once in a life time…An incomprehensible bond that cannot be described; you and I, me and you…No other explanation. Its none sense, is in it?…But what if?…

    Sometimes the World want us to believe there reality, with factual and rational conclusions…But simply imagine a place with independency of time…Some might call this idea impossible…I call it Heaven…And if this Eternal fondness could enter the gates of heaven, wouldn’t this be the greatest Glory man could achieve?…I’ve attain this wish here in the abode of man, many times when I simply set eyes on you. Its that instance when our eyes direct upon each other. Its that quantity of motion; this infinite emotion that enchants…Its the incessant devotion. Nevertheless, when we set apart we come back to reality and I wonder is there could have been no two Hearts so open…No taste so similar…No feeling so in unison…like ours…You might call me a romantic or a dreamer, but I’m just a visionary, One soul alone its nothing…But with you it can surpass even the laws of man… I could go on and on for an eternity explaining what I feel for you…But in Three unic words…I LOVE YOU!!!

    Now pondering on this theory…Next time you spend time with the one you love, take a second…and for the first time direct your eyes upon each other like never before…If the feeling is mutual, time will cease to continue…Then…you will know what I know…

  • 2. lety  |  22 June 2007 at 5:45 am

    just wait time is all u need but not waste it all on just one thing
    life everyday as if it is ur last XD
    bueno chao te enseno otro poema XD
    dime lo que piensa si una vez necesita hablar mi email es

    Love is a burning desire,
    That makes your heart light on fire,
    Love is being with you,
    Someone saying I love you too,
    Love is your tender kiss,
    Something you don’t want to miss,
    Love is you and me,
    And that is all I see.

    Love me without fear
    Trust me without questioning
    Need me without demanding
    Want me without restrictions
    Accept me without change
    Desire me without inhibitions
    For a love so free….
    Will never fly away


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