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How to Have a Good Day

  1. Start the day early… I usually find if I go to bed early, and then wake up naturally, I’m relaxed and ready for whatever the day may hold

  2. Take a large and plentiful breakfast so your stomach doesn’t start complaining at the middle of the day… it’s terribly annoying
  3. Always smile- it’ll brighten your day and the day of those around you
  4. Try to do a nice action a day… it will give a meaning to your life, brighten up somebody else’s day, and make you feel good about yourself
  5. Try hard in whatever you do, whether it’s work or relationships… even though it doesn’t look like it, every area of your life needs a LOT of work for satisfaction
  6. Exercise! It will release happy hormones, just as chocolate, only you get fitter instead of fatter, so the after-effects are GREAT
A good day is NOT guaranteed, but it can be tried… :–)

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29th February


I’ll miss you. Miss your smile. Miss your jokes. Miss your punches. Miss everything about you

I’ll miss the way you purse your lips when you think and the way you seem to be always there when I need advise.


Why is it I get separated from people I get on really well with? I’ve only known her as my best friend for three months, and I know we’ll lose contact, because that always happens- anyway, if we don’t speak much on the phone nowadays, then why would we do so when she’s gone?

Anyway, it’s not like she’s going to another country, just another school, but it’s still a great deal for me.

AND my parents have decided to go away, dragging me along with them in the last few days of term, when I get the most chance to spend time with my friends. I wish I could tell them how I feel about us going away, but I feel sort-of sorry for them- I mean, they don’t have holidays every month and a half.

I suppose that for a kid like me it’s a great deal that a friend, especially such a close on is moving schools, and it seems like the end of the world, but truth is, like I told another friend, each of us is like a road, and we all have to go our separate ways, and live our separate lives, and maybe someday, we might join again in some important avenue.

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This isn’t a particularly addictive game, but I thought I’d add it seeing as I’m a FAILURE at it and can’t get past the second level, and I finish the first by chance!! SO… here it is…

Games at - Caveman

Save your girlfriend from the evil prehistoric monsters!

Play this free game now!!

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What Really Happened

I always wanted my own prince… and I wanted him to be a royal. I guessed that would never happen, me being the daughter of a cow herder from a country where princes didn’t exist. But I guess if you take a chance like I did… well, anything could happen.

Once upon a time, so many years ago, I had finally made up my mind. I had travelled for months and I had found him. I would get him. He had just gotten back from his trip around the known world on a special mission, which was supposedly confidential but everyone knew he was looking for a princess to marry. Yes, his mother had specifically said princess. To my great joy and those of many others, he had been completely unsuccessful.

When his parents saw me enter, they were appalled. In those times of total peace and harmony, everyone and everything was allowed into the palace without a second glance. It was Fairytale times. His Majesty the King told the guards to give me blankets, for I was dripping wet. Her Majesty the Queen screamed for clothes to be brought to me. And His Majesty the Prince, their only son, who refused to marry anyone, the same one which every girl alive was madly in love with, just looked. Not in disgust, not in amazement, but with beautiful, amber, unreadable eyes.

I was given clothes, a blanket and hot soup to keep me warm. I felt uncomfortable. The whole Royal family was talking about me and wondering what to do with me. After what seemed like hours in which each minute lasted twenty days, His Majesty the King came to me and asked me who I was. I had been expecting that question, and my imagination was quick to answer.

“I’m a princess from the great kingdom of Entrania. I was travelling through a lonely road nearby, when I heard shouts. I looked out amazed, and I discovered my guards were lying on the ground, dying at a fast pace. I was suddenly grabbed, and most of my possessions stolen. I was just left with what I’m wearing at the moment. And then it started to rain, and I just needed to find shelter…” my voice trailed of. I tried to cry, but I couldn’t. Their Majesties however, must’ve mistaken me trying to sob as me trying to stop tears falling.

“I think she’s tired Mother,” spoke up His Majesty the Prince. His voice was so dreamy and beautiful. I wished time and again that this could last for ever. But it couldn’t; sooner or later I would be found out. “Why don’t you take her to a room where she can sleep?” Her Majesty the Queen agreed quickly, and thus I was taken to a room which had over fifty mattresses, all pilled on top of each other. Next to them, there was a metallic staircase. Apart from that and a long library which covered most of the room, the place where I’d be sleeping was bare. Light penetrated from a narrow, high window.

Tired, relieved and happy, for I had actually gotten in the palace, and I hadn’t been caught, yet, I started climbing those steep, metal steps. I was half way through, and already panting. I looked down… and then I saw it. I wish it had been His Majesty the Prince’s room. But it was a book. A book that saved my life. It’s title was: “Princess or Not? Find the Truth”. I decided to practise my reading, for my father, an educated man who loved nature, and specially cows, had taught me how to. I walked all the way down the steps, and up again, that time with the book.

I was up all night reading the book, and thus, when the sun was rising I knew much about how to be the perfect princess, and I learnt about the hard test Her Majesty the Queen has set for me. For, if you haven’t guessed, I’m the famous unnamed ‘Princess’ from the more famous story “The Princess and the Pea”. The story which spread at a fast rate, and became so well known that the pea was put in a museum, and as the man who once wrote it all down said, “it may still be seen, if no one has stolen it.”

Thus, you now know that I’m no princess, and I married the Prince who would have none but the perfect princess for his bride, but ended up with a simple cow herder’s daughter. I must admit the Queen did find out, but if it hadn’t been for her, I might’ve not been such a perfect ‘Princess’. And so, like it is common in Fairytale times, we lived happily ever after.

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Sushi Go Round

 I thought I’d add a few of my favourite games every once in a while, to see how you like them.

 This is quite a cool game, although a bit addictive.  You basically have to serve as many customers as possible, by making sushi! The first levels are easy, but then it gets harder… I still haven’t managed to win it, but well… there’s always a first time… right? So tell me what you think, and up to what level you get to! So… enjoy!

Games at - Sushi Go Round
Sushi Go Round

Serve all the customers in the Sushi Restaurant

Play this free game now!!

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How To Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

This idea came to me as I planned one of my best friend’s birthday, and I discovered one week was hardly enough… however, it all turned out all right, and we all had a generally good time- guests didn’t want to leave at the end!

The most important things to remember are:

Plan in advance!! If you don’t everything could just be very disorganised, and you might even, for example, run out of food

Make sure it stays a secret… otherwise it could turn out boring

It’s better if the person doesn’t have any plans of her own… to celebrate their birthday

It’s better if it’s a few days before/after the birthday- otherwise you might be spoiling a quiet dinner, or the birthday person might guess

Getting started

First, you need a place… I had mine at my house

Then, guests. Try to keep it quite a small number of people, unless you want a HUGE mess (not to mention food problem)

Make sure no one’s allergic to anything, or a vegetarian. This is really important… I didn’t know one of my friends was a vegetarian, and there wasn’t anything, apart from salad and sweets that wasn’t meat.

It’s helpful if everyone brings something, and that there are quite a few people organising the surprise party

Organising the house

Get people to help you with decorating… have balloons, tinsel, a banner, posters, party poppers… everything to make it look pretty

Have food for the people helping out APART from the one for the party (people can get very hungry)… I didn’t have any, so we ate half of the food for the party, which wasn’t a good idea

Get the food out around ½ an hour before the birthday person arrives, and the drinks around 15-10 minutes earlier… this is so you don’t have to rush out to get more things!

Getting the person to the party

There are many ways to do this. Here are a few examples:

Invite them over for tea (alone)

Have a friend “forget” something important at your house (while she’s out with the birthday person) and have to go and fetch it


Have loads of sweets, crisps, but remember about the REAL food… but remember about vegans, vegetarians and allergies.

Make the food simple… either a buffet, pizza, or a barbecue (these are great in summer)

Make sure no one’s on a diet… or they’ll have to break it L


Nobody wants drunkards in their house, so make sure you don’t have TOO much wine, beer, or such things

Have all types of fizzy drinks, juices, and remember water! (Although it sounds obvious, after so much sweet stuff, it’s hard to drink anything apart from water)


A bit like a wedding, have music which everyone likes; music it’s easy to dance to, relaxing music for the end, and maybe a slow dance or two… classics (i.e. from childhood) are always a good idea to get people to remember and chat about the “good ol’ times”

If you don’t have enough music, either buy, or get people to bring their mp3s, Ipods and CDs (you might even have to borrow a CD to get music from at the end of the party because you liked the songs so much, like me)

No matter what, it’s important to remember that having fun is all that matters, and that your birthday friend is going to love the surprise idea… it worked with one of my most “i-don’t-care-about-anything” friends, and she actually had LOADS of fun

Adopt one today! Click on the dragon for a cool surprise!– just so you know, I did this in wiki!! Soz… just proud of me :–)

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How To…What?

“How to” is what everybody needs: a quick way to plan, create, or achieve something, explained simply and clearly. Stuck on what to do in a rainy day, or it’s someone special’s birthday and you’re not sure what to get them? Well, if there’s a post on “How to”, then you’re in luck; you’ll have everything figured out in no time.

If you want to see something on “How to”, just tell me, and I’ll see if I can get some ideas… or you could also tell me about any good ideas you might have!

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