How To Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

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This idea came to me as I planned one of my best friend’s birthday, and I discovered one week was hardly enough… however, it all turned out all right, and we all had a generally good time- guests didn’t want to leave at the end!

The most important things to remember are:

Plan in advance!! If you don’t everything could just be very disorganised, and you might even, for example, run out of food

Make sure it stays a secret… otherwise it could turn out boring

It’s better if the person doesn’t have any plans of her own… to celebrate their birthday

It’s better if it’s a few days before/after the birthday- otherwise you might be spoiling a quiet dinner, or the birthday person might guess

Getting started

First, you need a place… I had mine at my house

Then, guests. Try to keep it quite a small number of people, unless you want a HUGE mess (not to mention food problem)

Make sure no one’s allergic to anything, or a vegetarian. This is really important… I didn’t know one of my friends was a vegetarian, and there wasn’t anything, apart from salad and sweets that wasn’t meat.

It’s helpful if everyone brings something, and that there are quite a few people organising the surprise party

Organising the house

Get people to help you with decorating… have balloons, tinsel, a banner, posters, party poppers… everything to make it look pretty

Have food for the people helping out APART from the one for the party (people can get very hungry)… I didn’t have any, so we ate half of the food for the party, which wasn’t a good idea

Get the food out around ½ an hour before the birthday person arrives, and the drinks around 15-10 minutes earlier… this is so you don’t have to rush out to get more things!

Getting the person to the party

There are many ways to do this. Here are a few examples:

Invite them over for tea (alone)

Have a friend “forget” something important at your house (while she’s out with the birthday person) and have to go and fetch it


Have loads of sweets, crisps, but remember about the REAL food… but remember about vegans, vegetarians and allergies.

Make the food simple… either a buffet, pizza, or a barbecue (these are great in summer)

Make sure no one’s on a diet… or they’ll have to break it L


Nobody wants drunkards in their house, so make sure you don’t have TOO much wine, beer, or such things

Have all types of fizzy drinks, juices, and remember water! (Although it sounds obvious, after so much sweet stuff, it’s hard to drink anything apart from water)


A bit like a wedding, have music which everyone likes; music it’s easy to dance to, relaxing music for the end, and maybe a slow dance or two… classics (i.e. from childhood) are always a good idea to get people to remember and chat about the “good ol’ times”

If you don’t have enough music, either buy, or get people to bring their mp3s, Ipods and CDs (you might even have to borrow a CD to get music from at the end of the party because you liked the songs so much, like me)

No matter what, it’s important to remember that having fun is all that matters, and that your birthday friend is going to love the surprise idea… it worked with one of my most “i-don’t-care-about-anything” friends, and she actually had LOADS of fun

Adopt one today! Click on the dragon for a cool surprise!– just so you know, I did this in wiki!! Soz… just proud of me :–)


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