6th April

6 April 2008 at 9:12 pm Leave a comment

It’s cool on Sunday evenings to just sit on the sofa, with some popcorn, alone, with family, or friends, watching a movie. Pity when your sister just comes along and wants to watch the complete OPPOSITE of what YOU want to watch. Yup, it happened. I wanted to watch a cool, comedy, whereas my sister wanted to watch The Parent Trap. So, my oh-so democratic Dad thought of a number, and I guessed it (it was 2, the mosat common number to choose, and MY fave :–) ). So, my sister said, ok, never mind. BUT then, by Dad showed my what looked like a bloody-ish (not much blood in a PG), violent-ish, and slightly romantic film about the French Revolution (which I RALLY like History, whereas I just found out my sis DETESTS the French Revolution). I’d never seen it before (unlike the comedy AND The Parent Trap… that was the OLD version… not so good as the one with Lindsay Lohan), but my sister said, “no, watch it tomorrow”. Well, she almost ended in tears, and broke my heart. So what am I doing now? Listening to the radio, while I write this, hoping maybe my heart could be crueller and meaner. WHY?!?!?


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