8th April

8 April 2008 at 9:12 pm 2 comments

And now comes the “era” of the exams. Teenagers across the country will be forced to enslave themselves to textbooks, coffee, and long, restless nights of revision. They thrust you in classrooms, separated from your friends, and force you to cram in as much as you can remember in two miserable hours.  And for what? To have people tell them how good they are? To have people determine if they’re good enough for this world? To compare them with their peers, and create so much STRESS. And that’s not the worse part. What when you failed a subject and the school is “so diasappointed”, calls your parents, they have a fit, and tell you to try harder or they’ll pull you out of school… AWAY FROM YOUR FRIENDS? OR those who DO do a great job, and the doting parents just celebrate, take them out to dinner, throw a party for you, and you grow fat all summer (literally AND metophorically), knowing that you’re sooo much better than those “retards” who just happen to have bad luck, just didn’t work QUITE enough, or they don’t like the subject?

Admitedly, I AM more in the second class of people… but my parents aren’t doting, and expect such high results… and anyway, these exams are not as important, as they’re not GCSEs, AS or A2… but do we REALLY need others to tell us how smart, capable and good we are? Didn’t Bill Gates (or one of those millionaires who took advantadge of the “internet revolution”) graduate with something like 3 GCSEs?!??! Doesn’t that tell us something? I am a straight A student, but I’m not the one who will succeed. I WILL have a good life, I WILL get quite far, but I just play by the rules… I’m not a risk-taker… but those who don’t do “well” in school, and are naturally ingenious, THOSE will succeed… THOSE will get far in life… THOSE will do well… Don’t get me wrong… if you do well in school, it defenitely helps… but those who truly succeed are the lucky ones, the ingenious ones, the risk-takers… pity that’s not me, but I’m just glad I’ve got a hope in this world :–)

And one last thing… good luck to exam takers… revise, try your best, but just remember… exams DO NOT determine your life, smartness, or capability in life…




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