The Great Baby Rescue

10 April 2008 at 9:12 pm 1 comment

 Inspired by my BEAUTIFUL name, my sister created a few characters, gave me their personality, and I decided to do a crazy commedy… I dunno if it’s funny or not… my sis liked it, which is surprising, and makes me rather proud of it :–) So a special thanks  for my sis then, who guided and helped the throughout that half-hour/hour of writing this… and remember, for those wishing to write comodies: make it crazy, funny, cynical (gr8 if you laugh at common things, in this case, superheroes)

 The beautiful heroine, a sweet, charming 15-year old, known as Rose, was accustomed to baby-sit her neighbours’ two little twin brothers, named Twin 1 and Twin 2, and their oldest son, a boy like any other; Just A Boy, on Saturday evenings, when the Neighbours went to dinner and to the cinema for exactly 4 hours and 44 minutes. Rose had a nemesis… her own sister, RedRose! RedRose was evil, and hated Rose because she was superior to her in every possible level, including brains, beauty, kindness and, most importantly, age.




T1: I’m hungry!

T2: I’m sleepy!

JAB: I’m Just A Boy!

R: Good. Now… erm… JAB? Help me with Twin 2, while I feed Twin 1

JAB: But I’m Just A Boy!

R: Weeell… but I’ve just broken my nail!


RR: (bumping into Isosceles, the crazy scientist of town, who was looking rather glum) Oi! What’s wrong with you, freak?

I: (sigh) I just wish I had a couple of young kids to experiment on my new potion for turning human beings into cute little bunnies… I would pay SO well for two cute babies…

RR: And it’ll annoy R so much… YES! I know exactly where to find your two babies… just wait here!

 RR kidnapped Twin 1 and Twin 2 with her malicious intelligence, and sold them for £5 each… well, a crazy scientist it BOUND to be poor… he has to pay for the equipment, the failures, and… well they have to LIVE don’t they?

 R: Oh no! What shall we do?

JAB: What? About the babies?

 R: No! I’ve just snapped ANOTHER nail!

JAB: And I’m just a boy

R: Right… so I’m the heroine of the story?

GREATCREATOR: (i.e. ME, the best ever) Yes!! Go and rescue the kids before they get turned into bunnies, or I kill you all!! Muahahaha

R: Okeey… I guess I have to save our butts. Well done, JAB, YOU are now my Amazing Sidekick…

JEB: But I’m Just A Boy!

R: And I just want to keep living… in this story, at least, so YOU do what I say… before your parents get home.

JEB: But… (R throws a warning glance at JAB) Gotcha, Superhero R!

 In RR’s Super-secret evil lair AND I’s Super-crazy explosive lab, which turns out to be the same place, only they never realised it before…

I: So… first I’ve got to mix another dose of the potion… I’ve only got enough for one baby…

RR: (to herself) When is that nitwit going to come? Seriously, she really SHOULD keep her appointments…

R: Here you are, my nemesis!

RR: What’s come over you?

R: (in a hushed voice) I’m trying to act as a superhero, otherwise we are all being killed by our GC


T1: Is GC a psycho?

T2: Looks like it…

T1: Aah! That would explain SO much…

T2: It would… it would

RR: SHUT UP! We are TRYING to fight… anyway… five-month old babies DON’T speak fluently…

R: These do…

While those two fought, like two “loving” sisters, assisted by the comments of the Twins, I and JAB where having a heated discussion of their own…

I: Doesn’t science fascinate you? They fascinate EVERYONE… I mean, there’s SO much to explore

JAB: (Under breath) Why this stupid catchphrase? (To I) I’m Just A Boy

I: Just A Boy? YOU are so much more… you are a human being, who can be cut up, explored, and…

JAB: OkAy! Just A Boy is getting freaked out!

The Holy Priest, and old, absent-minded helpless soul, was lost getting to his home AGAIN. And having heard the commotion coming from the not-so-secret evil lair, decided to see what it was all about.

HP: Bless you, my siblings…

JAB: I’m Just A Boy… not your bro

RR: Stay out of it…erm…Harry Potter!

HP: But… I was…  

 Useless, I told you. He was just trying to help… and getting in the way, and dropping every possibly potion, and… well, you get the idea… purple smokes, yellow liquids, green explosions, oh! And did I forget to tell you? The place blew up… and they all had something to say about it…

JAB: Aw! I’m Just A Boy! Just A Boy I tell you! Just A Boy!

T1: He’s flipped it.

I: Oh well… I guess that didn’t work. Now I have to live in the streets for a few years until I can finance my next experiment… I know! It will be a potion to turn the world into steel… yes…

RR: I succeeded! I succeeded! Yes!

R: No, you didn’t… we’ve got 44 minutes to spare, and the Twins live upstairs

RR: If I say YOU failed… then… (and so on)

HP: Oh dear, oh dear. May you find peace in your heart SOME time

T2: Psychos… all psychos…

GC: And so they lived… themselves for ever and ever and ever…

T1: Definitely psychos.




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8th April Never-Ending Sleep

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