Burma and Tents

11 May 2008 at 9:33 pm Leave a comment

It’s been quite a while since I written, and I know- I’ve had a lot of things in my mind, and many ideas for the blog, just not enough time to execute them. So hopefully, after exams are over in a month or so, I can start writing more regularly!

It’s truly quite surprising to see how, in difficult times, the world seems to unite, like it should at all times, and fight against the natural evils of this world. This actually came to me, as I reflected on the cyclone in Myanmar (Burma), which I’m sure everyone’s heard of. Whether it’s Google, the DEC, the radio (well, ads on it, anyway), or any other type of organization, media, etc., most countries are willing to help. And what is more stupid than a country which doesn’t want to help itself and its people? When the world is ready to give aid, why stop it?

On other matters, after some extent of thinking, a phrase popped up into my mind:

“Build your own tent, or when it collapses, you wont know how to rebuild it”

I think I invented it, or I might have heard it somewhere else, (I probably invented it), but basically, it was based on a friend, but she really shouldn’t know this. Thing is, when one doesn’t build one’s own, strong base, then, when you start adding things on top, which aren’t probably very strong either, the tower becomes wobbly, and everything falls everywhere. Now, add on top of that wobbly tower, a person who is constructing it of you. Say that person is guiding your every step- you couldn’t live without that person. Yep… if that person leaves, disappears from you life, then what are you going to do when that tower/tent collapses? Get another builder who is going to create ANOTHER wobbly tower, or have a go yourself, creating a strong base, so you can start adding height, AFTER you are sure the whole base is safe? I’ll say no more- my point is made…

I might add some more phrases like these I made up, some time


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