How to Cure Writer’s Inspiration

12 May 2008 at 9:42 pm Leave a comment

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of inspiration. Too much, sadly. Or maybe I don’t have enough time to satisfy writer’s hunger. So… what should a writer, an aspiring writer, or even someone who has just been struck by the lightning of inspiration do, when they don’t have enough time to actually WRITE?

Well… WRITE! I know it sounds stupid, but it’s better to write for 20 minutes each day to at least quench the thirst slightly, and well, it might even disappear in due course. REMEMBER! Many writers would die for a chance of good inspiration, so value it, because it doesn’t come that often… unless it does, which you MIGHT consider becoming a full-time writer! (For me, it usually comes once every one or two months, and I just write for fun!) So… here’s a few ideas on what to do…

Start a Blog or Website

This is generally a good idea because you can write in short poems, stories, images, etc., which all your friends can view, and it’s always exciting when you see the hits going up (eg. I was thrilled that one day I got around 353 hits!!) For more info, click here.

Write a Short Story

If you write a page a day, you’ll probably have a good short story by the time your inspiration had disappeared. It might even be so good you win a competition! The only competition I won was Maytthews Young Writer’s Competition, with a short story I wrote for an English Exam in 2005/6. Obviously I improved it, but the main idea was that in 45mins, I managed to create a GOOD, prize-winning story because I had inspiration

Start a Diary

Not very rewarding, but you can pour your feelings into it, and you might even like to continue after inspiration has fled. Writing in a diary is good because it makes you think more clearly, and generally gets your innermost feelings out… it’s also fun re-reading the diaries a few days/moths/years later!

Write a Story Plan

This is more if you are a writer or an aspiring writer, or you wish to write a novel or longer story, but lack the time. Once you’ve done the plan, you can stuff it somewhere SAFE you can go back to later, and re-read, re-write, and even create a good, effective story when you DO have time (nothing more hideous than a rushed book)

Well, times up. I’ve written this in 20mins, and I feel I’ve achieved quite a something. It’s even helped me!


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