Human Experimenting

19 May 2008 at 9:42 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been having a lot on my mind lately (a couple of GCSEs, internal exams, revision, etc.), but I had to take twenty minutes of my overly-occupied life. And it all began with some crazy scientist wanting to “save millions of lives” by experimenting on “humans that aren’t really human, so they can be killed anyway”. Well, I wish I could say humanity triumphed, but I’m afraid it didn’t. Click here  for more information.

So, now comes my terribly angry complaint against working on innocent human beings, who ARE alive, and have the potential to grow into a successful, friendly adult. Just because he/she doesn’t have the opinion on what is done, on what DNA research has to be done on a developing, innocent human, doesn’t mean we can take advantage of him/her!!

This is getting quite emotional, but what I mean to say with this is that, even though DNA, neurology, and all that is still quite unknown about us, and the rest of the world/universe, fascinate me, I’m not prepared to kill embryos, human beings, for advances in science… I think this time science has gone too far.

Next time you look at your friend, or your next door neighbour think what would have happened if they had just been lab material. I think science is great. It has done a lot for people, and managed to save millions of lives. However, so many people are against animal testing (which I don’t care as much, sadly)… then how come this bill was passed? Should the EU, which BANS animal testing, not ban HUMAN testing as well? Isn’t it against moral issues? Some may say that it’s not yet a human being… fine. Next time you, or someone dear to you gets pregnant, or has a child, imagine if he/she had been killed, or even been simple “lab stuff”. THEN we’ll talk.

Oh well. Just had to get my anger, disappointment, and hurt out of me somehow… it’s just painful to think that live people should be tested on. But I guess I’m young, and unknowing. 😥


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